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molfar art

Symbolics of Charitable Foundation “SYNEVYR” is his logo – a square, where on a white background is shown a blue-white-black-color figure of Carpathian molfar (magician) – gray-haired old man with moustache, dressed in white, very long shirt, hat and wool jacket, who hold in his right hand smoky pipe and looking on mountain village.

Carpathian molfar is associated with the patron of mountain village, which takes care of its residents, help them in difficult times, defending against disaster.

The elder represents a wise man, guardian of ancient customs and traditions of all peoples inhabiting the mountain ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Smoky pipe symbolizes peace and kindness, openness and sincerity of intentions of Carpathian molfar.

“There is a legend, which tell us that long ago, before in this region of Carpathians began a timber rafting there was living one lonely man on the outskirts of the village in highlands. Old people said, he was a molfar (magician), that’s why he lived so far from the human eye. Also they said that he had a talent given by God, he was able to heal people and prevent a disaster. When someone was seek, he always had a herbs, with help of which the disease disappeared without a trace. In adding to, there were rumors that terrible rain subsided for a moment after his spells, as it was not!

Despite of his abilities he has never boasted of it, and used them only with a good purpose. All his life molfar took care about the unfortunate peasants and helped them in the event of trouble, kept the highlanders from natural disasters and all supernatural forces of evil. For this, people respect him and called molfar a patron of village.”


The motto of Charitable Foundation “SYNEVYR” is:

“Let the good things hovering over the Carpathians …”